2024 Club Show Announcement

Hey, Skankin’ Crew, get stoked ’cause Club Show #23 will be off the charts! Ready yourselves for The Suicide Machines, who are set to deliver a rousing live show brimming with blistering songs that seamlessly combine hardcore, ska, and anthemic punk. Adding to the ska madness are the trailblazers Buck-O-Nine, who are guaranteed to keep the crowd bouncing with their infectious beats. If you still need to catch Escape From The Zoo, now’s your chance! Their music engages your thoughts and emotions and demands you hit the mosh pit, striking a perfect balance of raw energy and emotion. Adding to the auditory feast, Catbite will showcase their signature blend of melody and catchy tunes. Kicking off the show in style are The Göners! The party’s going down at Citrus Grand Pool Deck on Saturday, May 25th. Doors open at 9:30 PM, and tickets are $25 – see you on the dance floor!

art: @chrisshary