Looking For a Place to Crash?

We’ve partnered with two of the best hotels in Downtown Vegas and are able to extend to you our special room rates at the favorite hotels of PRB The Golden Nugget and the Downtown Grand, home of the official PRB pool parties. 

There are lots of other places to stay, but we highly recommend you stay in the Downtown Vegas area because all of our events are typically a 10-15 minute walk from the festival grounds and club show venues.

Hotel Questions & Issues:

Please contact us directly via email including your first and last name (the name on the credit card used to make your purchase if different), the date you made your purchase and what the issue is, to:

Please do not email or call the hotel directly if you booked a room through the PRB website as they do not have your information at this time and cannot help you.

If you already made a hotel reservation through PRB and are interested in booking a night that we don’t offer, please book directly with the hotel.  You can request keeping the same room throughout your stay by calling or emailing the hotel one week before the festival and they will do their best to accommodate. We won’t be turning in our rooming list until early May which means the hotels won’t have your PRB room info in their system until the week before the festival

For a full listing of Hotel FAQ’s, info and cancellation policy, please visit our HOTEL FAQ page.