2024 Club Show Announcement

Punk Rock Bowling presents a dinner rock revolution born from the depths of outer space: it’s Mac Sabbath! And yes, you can have extra dipping sauce because Fartbarf is plugged in and will deliver all their piping-hot synth nuggets! Caution: this might burn! But not as much as Bonavega’s scorching guitar licks… and tongue licks, too, for that matter. While waiting to be returned to the depths of outer space, The Mormons are spending their time here on Earth, playing punk anthems for the heathens. Ukulele Hiro will kick off the festivities, delivering a familiar send-off by covering your favorite punk classics before you’re rocketed into another dimension. Catch the show on Friday, May 24 at Notoriety Lounge. Doors 8:00 PM tickets $25.

art: @americanmadekustom