Thank You

When we organized the first BYO Bowling Tournament in Las Vegas, we had no idea it would one day become what it is today, almost 25 years later, The Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival. We just wanted to throw a big party and invite everyone – friends, friends of friends, whoever! – to celebrate our community and culture. Through all the changes in format, location, line-up, and attendees, we hope we’ve kept that vibrant spirit alive – a chance for our community to come together, party hard, and throw a few balls. Thank you to everyone who joined us this year. We’re honored by your trust in us to listen to your feedback and hopefully deliver what WE as a COMMUNITY want from OUR event. Huge thanks to the amazing bands who performed and stayed to hang out! And, of course, a massive shout-out to our staff who tirelessly comb through the intricate details, ensuring everything runs smoothly for all the Punk Rock Bowlers! It is a short 353 days until next year’s event, so we gotta get to work! 

THANK YOU to everyone who supports us. Without you, this festival wouldn’t exist, and we hope you will all be back to celebrate 25 years of PRB in 2025. Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival: DIY always has been and always will be.