We think we speak for most when we say the last 18 months were the longest we’ve gone without live music in our lives & to be able to come together safely, finally, with our Punk family for 4 glorious days was more rewarding than we could have imagined. This was our most favorite PRB to date thanks to the overwhelming emotions of togetherness & love from the community. PRB has always been more of a family reunion than a festival for us & this year was no different. To those that have supported us over the last 22+ years & to the new family we made this year, there’s no adequate way to express our enormous gratitude in any other words but, THANK YOU.

THANK YOU to the city of Vegas, the local businesses, the venues, the Downtown Grand & the Golden Nugget, & all the Vegas locals that welcome our Punk Rock tribes, year after year to the only city crazy enough to host us. We would not be able to recreate this party anywhere else in the US.

To ALL the bands, openers to headliners, you came & you slayed & made a ton of new fans in the process. THANK YOU for making up for the last 18 months of live music silence.

Love & thanks to all the food & merch vendors & NPO’s that kept us all coming back for more. We know our waistline is feeling it!

HUGE THANK YOU to the hardest working crew in the business, our staff & those that work BTS. From production, box office, hospitality, COVID team, booking agent, social media team, to the bartenders, security & cleaning crew, you all killed it! Putting a well run festival together & seeing it through to the end is no easy feat in a normal year, but having to postpone & rebook (3 TIMES!) & navigating through these unprecedented times, most of the time with little to no notice, was unrelenting, but together, we managed to pull it off. Hats off to ALL of you.

THANK YOU to ALL that provided feedback on how we can work to make the next PRB even better. We are always listening because we care about your experience above all.
Cheers to the memories past, present & future. We are taking a well deserved rest for a bit, but we look forward to seeing everyone back in Vegas next year!