2024 Club Show Announcement

In our esteemed view here at PRB, we believe that everything released by SST deserves exploration. If you haven’t yet experienced the distinctive sounds of Saccharine Trust, allow us to introduce you. Alongside bands like Black Flag and Minutemen, they were pivotal in shaping the hardcore punk scene. Starting with brief, punchy punk anthems, they later pushed the boundaries of punk rock like no other, carving out a unique niche in the genre. While their sonic experimentation and thematic focus may vary, their unwavering quality and artistic integrity remain constant. This makes seeing them live at one of our legendary PRB Club shows an incomparable experience. Plus, they’ll be performing Paganicons among other gems! Next, we’re excited to showcase Dead Bob, the latest endeavor from NoMeansNo drummer John Wright, as part of the lineup. With Covid Cola and Detective Frog rounding out the bill, this event is a definite highlight. Join us on Sunday, May 26th, at Notoriety Lounge. Doors open at 9:30, admission is $22

art: @americanmadekustom