2024 Club Show Announcement

Calling all Sin City hardcore veterans and newcomers alike! Get ready for an unforgettable night as the legendary NYHC band Judge rolls into town to headline this must-see show! If you’re unfamiliar with them, prepare to be blown away. Their influence on the entire hardcore scene and the straight-edge movement is undeniable. Guitarist John Porcelly, aka Porcell, boasts an impressive pedigree, having been a driving force in bands like Youth of Today, Shelter, and even with stints in Gorilla Biscuits and Bold. But beyond the history, Judge embodies the true spirit of hardcore: inclusivity. With their robust guitar riffs and introspective lyrics, you’ll be leaving the show satiated. The intensity gets cranked up further with the addition of Madball. Known as one of the fiercest live acts in hardcore, this New York crew carries undeniable streetwise credibility and a legacy that solidifies them in the NYC hardcore scene. The West Coast brings its own punk with Section H8, delivering their signature street metal anthems infused with hardcore and punk. Horripilation, hailing from Las Vegas will kick off the show. Catch them all at the Fremont Country Club for just $25. The doors open at 9:30 PM. Mark your calendars because this night of hardcore will be one for the books!

art: @americanmadekustom