2024 Club Show Announcement

LCBA, assemble! Punk Rock Bowling proudly presents Lower Class Brats, showcasing their unique blend of Punk, Oi!, 70s Glam, and straight-ahead rock and roll. Starving Wolves will deliver a heartfelt political punch to the teeth and amp up the mayhem and mischief, because what’s PRB without David Tejas in play? Strap in and prepare to shake things up, because all the way from Seoul, South Korea, the RUMKICKS are here! Get ready for a gritty, upbeat, sing-along punk performance that will leave your throats parched. And not to be missed, from Buena Park, CA, is NÜTT, an indigenous, queer, femme-fronted force of noise/hardcore punk. Don’t be late, punx! Sunday, May 26th, at Backstage Bar and Billiards. Doors open at 9:30 PM, and it’s just $20 to join the mayhem.  

art: @americanmadekustom