2024 Club Show Announcement

NYHC warriors, assemble! Prepare for an evening of unbridled hardcore intensity, courtesy of Punk Rock Bowling and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Introducing 40 Years of Victim in Pain, Agnostic Front is primed to set the PRB stage ablaze with their enduring NYHC masterpiece! And as if one legendary NYHC act isn’t sufficient, we’re throwing Underdog into the mix! The stage will throb with the relentless energy of Conservative Military Image, ensuring fists fly and boots stomp in the true spirit of NYHC. Making their PRB debut, the Oi! sensation from Los Angeles, Problem, will be in the house, and Species will kick off the night’s festivities with an explosive start! Get set to plunge into the chaos of the pit! Friday, May 24, at Fremont Country Club. Doors open at 8:00 PM, and tix are $23.

art: @villyvillian