PRB Presents Radioactivity

We are ecstatic to welcome Radioactivity, the bastard child of the infamous Marked Men. Radioactivity’s distinctive hooks dig as deep as ever, but the scope of their vision has expanded and evolved to a sonic territory of their own unparalleled sound. Now that the Burke/Ryan/Fried/Rutherford all-star team of Texas punk rock royalty has had some time to cohere, Radioactivity will melt your senses into a pool of ecstasy.

Deep Ellum bred, melodic punk extraordinaires, Hagfish are reuniting and it feels so, so good! The high energy collective is made up of members of Rise Against, Toadies and GWAR, but have a raw sound that’s truly unique. Hagfish shows are scarce, don’t miss their first show in Vegas since 2015!


After 19 years, we’re finally ready to answer the age old question:

What the hell does bowling and punk rock have to do with each other?

Answer:  Other than a good time, absolutely NOTHING! And yet they work so well together as proven by our upcoming 20th Anniversary in May 2018!

It all started many Bloody Mary mornings ago (1999) when brothers, Shawn and Mark Stern decided over a round at the local alley that they wanted to throw a bowling party…Read More