Subhumans – Live at the Fremont Country Club

Dick Lucas and The Subhumans have been a PRB staple for years and it just wouldn’t be proper if we didn’t invite our mates back for our 20 Year Anniversary! English anarcho-punk rock at its finest! Mickey Mouse is Dead, but the Subhumans are very much alive and kicking ass!
Hardcore punk hooligans, The Unseen are stopping by to spread the anger and the truth. Boston’s elusive crusty heroes will be charged and ready to do some damage. Don’t miss their first show in Vegas since 2015!

When the walls come tumbling down, when the walls come crashing in, that’s when you’ll know you’re watching Vancouver’s Bishops Green. Their unprocessed, melodic-street punk, working man, anthems are going to bring the house down!
From the ice rinks of Long Island, comes Two Man Advantage. Bonafide grinders and goons, these guys are well-liquored, inexhaustible, punk rock playing machines that will leave you feeling like you just got checked!
About the Artist: Jason Adams was raised in San Jose, CA, and came of age during a time when the holy trinity of skateboarding, punk rock and DIY art was still a dangerous combination. Adams jumped in head first without helmet. He became a pro skateboarder by the age of 17 and to this day is still a prominent figure in the sport. In between injuries and rainy days, Adams spent his time on a new found addiction, spray paint and stencils. Before long, his vision expanded and so did his exposure- from logos on skate brand decks and t-shirts, to international gallery shows in just a few years. His work transitioned from hobby to craft, from noodling in the garage to fine art. Don’t forget to stop by the PRB Art Show at the festival and grab one of these killer posters!

Tickets on Sale March 3, 2018

Saturday May 26th


The Unseen

Bishops Green

Two Man Advantage

Doors at 10pm

21 and over