September 2019 Inductee – George Chang

September 2019 Inductee – George Chang

The PRB Crew has selected George Chang as the second inductee to our Punks for Humanity Club because of his nonstop devotion to helping those beyond his local community and his constant need to challenge his friends to the same. Here’s the submission letter we received…

“I would like to nominate my friend George Chang for the Punks for Humanity Club. George Chang is a true Humanitarian. I met him in 2015 at a punk show, and I am proud to say he is now one of my best friends. His life revolves around charity and standing up for other humans. He values human life and dignity.

One concrete piece of evidence I have is the organization he is a part of, YES WE CAN (see below for more info or how you can donate!) and the work that he does with orphans in Mexico. If I asked George how many trips he has made to Mexico this year, he probably wouldn’t be able to count. He does this despite the crisis we have on the border. He gives orphan children something more valuable than money. He gives them his time. He helps provide them with a better quality of life, such as helping build schools, he spends time with them, and as you can see, he brings laughter and smiles to these children’s faces. He is always reaching out to friends and family for donations for these children, and bringing the children the donations.

George is the type of person that anyone would be lucky enough to know. He has a huge heart and is always trying to make others laugh. Not only does he help the orphan children of Mexico, he is an active member of his own community in Los Angeles. He frequently feeds homeless people, and even the homeless cats in his neighborhood. George Chang has a heart of gold and is a true humanitarian.”

George Chang Punks For Humanity Club Punk Rock Bowling

Yes We Can World Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to providing children access to education regardless of their location, legal status, or income status. Any contribution above $250 is recognized as a tax deductible donation by the IRS in the United States.

There are a couple ways you can get involved and help us continue this program as well as build more #SchoolsOnWheelsBus.

Here are the options to send a Donation:

Option 1: Donate on our Go Fund Me campaign.

Option 2: Donate on the Venmo App
You can find us on the Venmo app by searching for @YESWECANDONATIONS

Option 3: Donate by sending a Check to:

Yes We Can World Foundation P.O.Box 4067 Burbank, CA 91503