Punk Rock Karaoke, Toys that Kill, Infamous Stiffs, Raptors Punk Rock Bowling 2021 After Party If you’re a PRB veteran then you already knew this one was coming! The annual tradition of PRK at PRB continues! If you’ve never been to a PRK show, it’s where they (members of The Dickies, Circle Jerks, Pennywise, Gold Finger & more) play the tunes as you sing and slay (or butcher) punk classics! Plus, you never know who will show up and steal the mic.

Well, Rub My Face in the Carpet! We are stoked to announce that joining the weekend closeout party, we have SoCal staple Recess Records’, Toys That Kill featuring F.Y.P.’s Todd Congelliere and Sean Cole!

Hailing from SoCal, Die Laughing Records own, Infamous Stiffs will be bringing out the Freak Parade! Their new video for the track “Freak Parade” is out now and features appearances by Tim Armstrong, Jack Grisham, Clint Weinrich and a whole slew of other punk legends you know!
Kicking off the weekend bender-ender, we have Los Angeles based, the Raptors bringing out their vicious mix of pounding drums, lethal guitars, pummeling bass lines and ferocious vocals to PRB for the first time!