Guttermouth, Narcoleptic Youth, Modern Action, Gob Patrol PUNK ROCK BOWLING 2021 AFTER PARTY LAS VEGAS

BOOM! This banger of a show is bound to be a good time and sell out fast, so save yourself the FOMO and set a reminder now for July 10!

Don’t miss everyone’s favorite anti-PC provocateurs and agitators, Guttermouth’s first PRB set since 2013! And guess what? They still D.G.A.F.! They are just as unapologetic, witty and raw as ever.

If you believe in anarchy, but also like McDonalds then you will be stoked to hear that due to popular demand, S. Cal Narcoleptic Youth are finally making their PRB debut! McAnarchy in the L.V.!.

The Briefs, The Bodies and The Shifters all walked into a bar… and Modern Action was born. Don’t miss this rare appearance by one of N. Cal’s best kept secrets!

Helping keep the local Punk scene raging, show up early to catch Sin City citizens’ Gob Patrol! One of the better, newer Punk bands to come out of Vegas as of late!