We’re amped to announce a new partnership with r.Cup in effort to stomp down on our plastic footprint! One of the biggest challenges we face in our lives is that of protecting our planet from pollution and climate change that we cause.


Why are we doing this? Because we give a shit about the future!

  • Over 4 billion single-use plastic cups are used at live events each year
  • Each plastic cup can take hundreds of years to decompose
  • Every minute, a garbage truck worth of plastic is dumped in the oceans
  • The oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight by 2050

How does this affect PRB?

Let’s be honest, a lot of drinking goes on at the festival. In just 3 days, we used almost 70,000 single-use plastic cups that went straight to a landfill. So when r.Cup approached us with a way to reduce all that waste, we said hell yeah!!!

Here’s how it works :

  • When you get your first drink at the festival, you will be charged a one time $3 “deposit” at the bar for use of the PRB r.Cup.
  • You bring that cup back for refills at any bar.
  • If you decide you’d like to switch from beer to cocktails or vice versa, they will swap the cups for you.
  • At the end of each day or any time that you decide you no longer want to carry the cup, return it to the r.Cup stands that will be strategically placed in several locations throughout the festival and they will return your $3 in cash.
  • You will also be able to use the r.Cup at the club shows.
  • New/replacement r.Cup or return of r.Cup is not available at the club shows, ONLY at the festival.
  • You can bring your r.Cup back to the festival the next day to be used and returned for the $3 cash deposit at any time.
  • You can also keep the cup as a souvenir.
  • Each night r.Cup will take any returned cups from the festival and wash/sterilize them to be used the next day.

Want to Help? Here’s How to Volunteer at PRB!

Sign up here: https://rcup.com/volunteer-with-r-cup/

Available volunteer shifts are: Saturday, Monday and Sunday 1:30pm- 6pm or 5:30pm-11pm. People can volunteer multiple shifts, multiple days and do not need to purchase a ticket to volunteer. As a volunteer, you will be tasked helping distribute cups to the bars, collecting unused cups, assisting with staffing r.Cup return stations, educating festival goers on the r.Cup concept AND ENJOYING THE MUSIC.


Q: Why is Punk Rock Bowling doing a reusable cup program in the first place? A: Single-use plastic is a pervasive problem at live events, and especially in the music industry. Each year, over 4 billion single-use plastic cups are used at live events. By the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight. We are seeking to reduce our waste footprint and eliminate the need for single-use plastic cups by providing a reusable, refillable solution.

Q: Do I have to buy this cup? A: As we are using r.Cup with all beverages this year, you must deposit $3 for r.Cup upon purchasing beer, wine, cocktails and soda. Please keep in mind that this is not a purchase, but a rental. You can return your cup for your $3 back at any point to an r.Cup staff member at their return stations located at the festival, on either side of the Gutter Bar and in the food court.

Q: When are the return stations open? A: Our return stations are open for the duration of the festival.

Q: Where are the return stations? A: Return stations are located at the festival, on either side of the Gutter Bar and in the food court.

Q: Can I get a regular single-use plastic cup? A: No, we are seeking to reduce single-use plastic in favor of reusable, refillable r.Cups this year. An r.Cup deposit will happen with your initial draft beer, wine, cocktail and soda purchase. You can easily return your r.Cup if you do not wish to keep reusing the same cup, just simply visit our r.Cup return stations.

Q: Wait, isn’t this cup plastic? How is this helping? A: r.Cup is made of #5 Plastic which is high quality, durable, BPA-Free, dishwasher safe, reusable, refillable and easily recyclable. In our eyes, reuse is always better than single-use. By choosing this resin, r.Cup is able to withstand the intensity of a festival and commercial washing facilities while providing an improved drinking experience. Your r.Cup is able to be brought home to be reused again and again. If you choose to return your r.Cup, we will inspect, wash, sterilize and store it for use at next year’s Punk Rock Bowling Festival. Any r.Cup unfit for reintroduction to our inventory will be recycled or upcycled into new materials.

Q: What do I do when I want another drink? A: Simply bring your same r.Cup back up to a bartender who will happily refill it for you. You will be charged the beverage price. You will not have to make the $3 deposit again if you are refilling the same r.Cup.

Q: What if I want to get a different type of beverage? Can I exchange my r.Cup? A: Yes. If you decide you’d like to switch from beer to cocktails or vice versa, they will swap the cups for you.

Q: Can I just buy a cup for $3 without the drink? A: Unfortunately not. r.Cup is being used as a solution to the single-use plastic cups that would otherwise be used. Therefore, a drink purchase is required to obtain a r.Cup.

Q: What is the r.Cup return policy? A: r.Cup has a return limit of 5 r.Cups per person per day. r.Cup is able to be reused and refilled an unlimited amount of times throughout the festival. If you are adhering correctly to how r.Cup works, there is no reason why any one person should have more than one or 2 cups to return. Again, the goal is to reuse your cup as many times as possible, so please avoid getting a new r.Cup every time you get a beverage.

Q: What happens to this cup after the event? A: Used and returned r.Cups will be inspected, washed, sanitized and reintroduced to the festival’s r.Cup inventory. At the end of the festival, r.Cups will be inspected, washed, sanitized and held to be reused again at next year’s festival. Any r.Cup unfit for reintroduction to our inventory will be recycled or upcycled into new materials.

Q: Where can I learn more about r.Cup? A: Learn more about how r.Cup is disrupting the single-use plastic cup by visiting https://rcup.com, by watching this video, or by following r.Cup on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @rcupworld.