PRB & Monster Energy Presents: The Bronx, Dwarves, the Shrine & more

Delivering a fistful of rage, set full of bangers and in your face adrenaline based jams, hardcore punk rock heroes The Bronx are coming back to PRB! Panties are going to drop and faces are going to melt!

The Dwarves are back! One of the most infamous, crude punk rock bands around and they’re proud out it! Their high-speed wad of sex, chaos and blood soaked 3 minute classics will leave you dripping sweat & feening for more!

The Shrine sound like an acid infused Black Flag meets Black Sabbath and promise to keep the yard rockin’ with a heavy dose of psychedelic, riff based Rock n’Roll!

On the Inside stage…

Fireburn, is what’s happening right now! This who’s who of punk rock royalty features Israel Joseph I (Bad Brains), Nick Townsend (Deadbeat, Knife Fight), Todd Jones (Nails, ex-Terror) Todd Youth (ex-Warzone, Danzig, Murphy’s Law) & new to the crew Eddie (Skullcrack), they will make your hair stand on end and they ain’t fucking around!

Sciatic Nerve are a new allstar powerhouse of veteran musicians from all your favorite bands including the Swingin’ Utters, Nothington, Western Addiction and Cobra Skulls. These guys take no prisoners with their all out sonic assault!

Saccharine Trust/ Circle Jerks bassist extraordinaire Earl Liberty’s newest project, One Square Mile harkens back to the true South Bay sounds of the early 80’s.