November 2019 Inductee- Ryan Dal Porto

PRB is honored to induct Ryan Dal Porto, a true icon of our scene, to the PHC for his countless years of humbleness and generosity to the people our society tends to neglect.

Dear Punks for Humanity Club;

I would like to nominate my best friend of many years Ryan Dal Porto for your Punks for Humanity Club League of Extraordinary Punks award.

Ryan is currently the Overdose Prevention Coordinator for the San Francisco AIDs Foundation working every day to make a positive impact in the local community. In his spare time, Ryan works with the Punks With Lunch non-profit in West Oakland, California to make a positive impact in his local community by destigmatizing poverty and drug use by forging connections with the homeless.

Punks With Lunch is a guerrilla, nonreligious, apolitical, DIY non-profit organization harm reduction outreach organization started with the idea of preparing and handing out homemade lunches (sandwiches, fruit, water) to the homeless community in West Oakland, California. Since 2015, Punks With Lunch has grown to an expanded community homeless outreach organization that in 2019 has grown from 5 people working from a home to 30 or more weekly volunteers working out of a warehouse that donate their time, vehicles, money and energy in preparing more than 180 healthy lunches every Sunday. Many of the volunteers have come together through the local punk scene: in bands, the DIY and artist community, and through underground punk concerts.

While still maintaining its core of handing out homemade food to the local homeless community, Punks With Lunch expanded its giveaways to include hygiene products, tarps, dog food, laundry detergent, blankets, and clothing. Ryan was able leverage his contacts through the San Francisco AIDs Foundation to incorporate additional homeless outreach support by starting a needle exchange, discarded syringe cleanup, human immunodeficiency awareness work, condom handout, distribution of the anti-overdose product Narcan (naloxone) and training in how to properly use it.

Having known Ryan for many years, I had the pleasure of being able to volunteer some of my time with him this year and able to see his positive impact in the West Oakland community and the homeless community firsthand. Ryan is out there every day in San Francisco and Oakland working to improve the lives of those living on the streets and that are often forgotten or discarded by our society, it was truly moving to see him at work and witness his passion for his cause.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my friend and further recognize him for the work that he does.

Jillian Williams

Ryan cleaning up discarded syringes in Oakland