Hotel FAQ & Info

FAQ Regarding Hotels (booking, cancellations, etc…):

Hotels do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to book rooms. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to occupy a room without the person who is 21+ that booked the room staying in that room for the time it is booked. Hotel rooms are sold on a double occupancy basis. Requests for providing additional items for additional people (cots, pillows, towels, blankets etc.) may be subject to additional fee’s charged directly by the hotel. We want everyone to have a great time, however we also want the hotels to be happy and invite us back. So please be courteous and respectful to hotel staff and guests.

I Bought My Hotel Room Through PRB, Now What?
You should have received a confirmation email shortly after you made payment. If you did not, and they will assist you. When you arrive at the hotel, one of the people who’s name is on the reservation will be required to present a government issued ID (drivers license, passport, ID card) matching that name at the check in desk of the hotel you booked. Your room was prepaid through the PRB room block via your booking on our website, however the hotel will require you to put a credit card imprint (any card, does not need to be the one used to pay PRB for the room) on file to hold as a “deposit” for any extra charges or potential damages. If you have any changes for your room they must be emailed to

If you have specific requests, (e.g. handicap rooms, adjoining rooms, switch from a smoking to non, etc) please call the hotel no more than one week before you check in and they will do their best to take care of you.

I Called The Hotel & They Don’t Have My Reservation. What gives?
If you have any specific questions about your reservation, contact us directly at We don’t turn in the list to the hotel until the beginning of May so calling the hotel will not get any answers.

I Purchased A Hotel Room, But It Says Friday-Sunday, But I Want To Check Out On Monday?

PRB hotel deals are for 3 or 4 night stays, with the option to add on Thursday & Tuesday!
Check-in Friday May 23, 2020
Check-out Monday May 25, 2020 OR Tuesday May 26, 2020
*The price listed includes ALL room, taxes & resort fees


A Friday through Sunday reservation means your check out day is Monday morning.

A Friday through Monday reservation means your check out day is Tuesday morning.

Hotel Cancellation Info:

When you purchase a hotel room through the PRB website you agree that you will pay a $20 cancellation fee for each room you cancel.

May 1, 2020, is the Last day for room refund (less $20 per room/team cancellation fee).
After May 1, 2020, you will be charged a 30% cancellation fee.
May 15, 2020 is the FINAL DAY for refunds for room reservations (less 30% cancellation fee).
We realize hotels offer varying cancellation policies, but please note that by purchasing your room through our block, you are subject to these terms in order to receive the discounted rate that we are offering. We absolutely cannot provide refunds, either in full or partial, after this date.

If you have any other questions regarding your hotel room, please contact us :