Fremont Country Club
T.S.O.L. 11:45pm ♦ Youth Brigade 10:40pm ♦ Pistol Grip 9:50m ♦ Resistance 77 9:00pm
Kicking things off will be a rare reunion of Canada’s best-kept secret, Brand New Unit! Followed by Pistol Grip, who released their classic album, “Shots from The Kalico Rose”, featuring the chant heavy sing-along “Cruxcifixion Politix!”
The original Youth Brigade lineup is back! All three brothers will be there for a rare appearance and will perform their trademark anthemic tunes such as “Sink With California,” “Men In Blue,” and “Where Are All The Old Man Bars.” Trust us; they’ll be pulling out all the stops to celebrate the 20 Year Anniversary of Punk Rock Bowling!
We found ourselves in a punk rock pickle when 7 Seconds unexpectedly broke all our hearts and called it quits. But, PRB always perseveres! We reached back in our 1982 rolodex, called in a Code Blue and T.S.O.L. responded with a, “Hell Yeah”!

We’ve got the best replacement for SNFU* (see below for statement), we could possibly think of! Fellow Canadians and BYO Records alumni, the rare reunion of Winnipegs finest, the Stretch Marks. They will be playing all the classics from Turnbuckle Stomp, Whadya See and Professional Punks to name a few!

Closing the evening, and hailing from Reno, NV is the hardcore pioneers and one of the most influential punk bands of the 80’s, 7 Seconds! They released their first 3 albums with BYO including the classic debut, “The Crew” and have been going strong ever since. Brothers Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth, along with Troy and Bobby will be tearing it up with songs like “Here’s Your Warning,” “Young til I Die,” and “Walk Together Rock Together,” just to name a few.

*PRB Statement:

We are devastated to announce that our friends SNFU will not be able to make it to PRB this year due to unforeseen health issues. We wish our beloved friends the best and we are holding a spot for them on the festival whenever they are ready to come back.

SNFU Statement:

It is with great sadness and regret that due to a Black Cloud of Misfortune, SNFU will be Limping Away from all live performances in 2018. Eric’s Had A Bad Day and has a Broken Toy and is on the verge of being a Loser At Life and Seven Minutes Closer To Death. So SNFU will spend this year Straightening Out The Shelves so we can return to the Wild World. This is A Painful Reminder that Reality Is (more than) A Ride On The Bus, but do not shed Tears as we will endure to make sure our Lovely Little Frankenstein will keep Trudging on to A Better Place. When we get a Big Thumbs up we will hit The Happy Switch and go on a Joyride with a real possibility of a Tour Tantrum. This Is (not) The End, This Is (not) A Goodbye, so Don’t Have The Cow because we’ll be back for at least One Last Loveshove.

With great regret and sadness, SNFU has been forced to cancel all live performance plans for 2018 due to ongoing personal health issues. We remain hopeful that these issues will be resolved and that we will see you all next year.