PRB 2018 Hagfish Radioactivity The Bar Stool Preachers Bothers
Backstage Bar & Billiards
Hagfish 12:15am♦Radioactivity 11:10pm ♦ The Barstool Preachers 10:15pm ♦ Bothers 9:30pm

Deep Ellum bred, melodic punk extraordinaires, Hagfish are reuniting and it feels so, so good! The high energy collective is made up of members of Rise Against, Toadies and GWAR, but have a raw sound that’s truly unique. Hagfish shows are scarce, don’t miss their first show in Vegas since 2015!

We are ecstatic to welcome Radioactivity, the bastard child of the infamous Marked Men. Radioactivity’s distinctive hooks dig as deep as ever, but the scope of their vision has expanded and evolved to a sonic territory of their own unparalleled sound. Now that the Burke/Ryan/Fried/Rutherford all-star team of Texas punk rock royalty has had some time to cohere, Radioactivity will melt your senses into a pool of ecstasy.

Can’t get my head around it, The Bar Stool Preachers are effortlessly captivating and goddamn impressive live! Inspired by the street punk sound, infused with ska and a P.M.A. (positive mental attitude), this 5 piece from the UK will have the whole club skankin’ in their boots!

What do BOTHERS sound like? Imagine The Vicious, but after the band got lobotomies. Ex-Youth Brigade bassist Mike Carter’s new project guarantees to provide the most invigorating 17 minutes you’ll ever experience during their 20 minute set. Bring your best glue bag, but check your bullet belt at the door.

About the Artist: Kaia Beggs aka “the Poster Ninja” a fierce femme fatale! A wickedly talented graphic designer and the gig poster guru of Dallas, she is also a published makeup artist and model! KB is the tits and we’re stoked to have her on board! Don’t forget to check out KB’s killer posters at the PRB Art Show on the festival grounds!

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