Bunkhouse Saloon
Outside: Hot Water Music 1:05am ♦ Strike Anywhere 11:50pm ♦ Dead to Me 11:00pm
Inside: Cobra Skulls 12:35am ♦ Nothington 11:30pm ♦ Ground Score 10:30pm

Layer upon layer of grit and guitar, cigarettes and whiskey, Hot Water Music will pierce your soul with their wall of sound and emotion.Taking their influences from such bands as Husker Du and UK’s Leatherface to a whole new level, HWM’s rare appearances always leave you wanting more

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and that’s how we’ve been feeling about the return of the political hardcore sounds of Strike Anywhere. In a time when our voices need to be heard, Strike Anywhere are back to channel the revolutionary impulse of the human spirit!

Dead to Me, a mixture of all that is good in punk rock, roll out the influences of Swingin Utters, One Man Army, Western Addiction and Enemy You all into one beautifully crafted mix that is as infectious as it is inspirational.

As your Rebel Fate would have it, Cobra Skulls are reuniting for PRB! They promise to do the usual and scream about the f’d up injustices that plague the world in tones of punk, ska, blues, latin jazz and rockabilly!

Nothington’s sound is dirty, gritty, a little snotty and full of growling passion. Always staying diligent to their craft and their loyal core audience: the outsiders who sing along with beers held high.

Ground Score is an overly experienced D.I.Y. punk band from Portland and we are stoked to have them on board as they are replacing Modern Terror due to travel issues.

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