Beauty Bar
Joey Cape 12:15am ♦ Tim Barry 11:10pm ♦ Joe McMahon 10:15pm ♦ Elvis Cortez 9:30pm
Punk Rock Bowling & Dr. Martens present an Acoustic Night Featuring:
Joey Cape is a punk rock renaissance man and rebel. Cape is honest, a fast living troubadour, a shit-kicking artist and producer all in one, and he’s been doing it all since before most of us were even born. And now, you can have him on a stage (solo), for one night under the stars and in the grime that is downtown Vegas.
Tim Barry (Avail) is a no bullshit, genuinely passionate kinda guy. His music is raw, relentless and bound to have you foot stomping right off the bat. Emotional, folk-punk, power anthems for the bad boys.
From the middle of nowhere Massachusetts, Smoke or Fire’s frontman, Joe McMahon is putting his teaching gig on hold, grabbing his guitar and heading West to Vegas for one night of acoustic folk bliss!
Elvis Cortez is one of the hardest working punks in the biz (Left Alone, Transplants, Tim Timebomb and Friends), it’s hard to believe he made time to come to PRB for a solo set, but he did and you better not miss it!