Join us Saturday & Sunday from 11AM – 2PM at the Freedom Beat located inside the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino! We’ll provide the FREE entertainment, the brunch and bottomless mimosas are on you! Sunday’s special guest TBA! Stay tuned!

These shows are FREE, first come first serve and all ages so get there early if you want to get in!

Clyde McGee + Lightnin Luke Bridge City Sinners Punk Rock Bowling 2021 Brunch ShowMake it a Bloody Mary morning and join Clyde McGee & Lightin’ Luke of Bridge City Sinners for brunch on Saturday!

Aside from being a powerhouse and key member of BCS, Clyde McGee is known for blending dark folk and Americana music as the vocalist, guitar and banjo player in Clyde and the Milltailers.

Lightin’ Luke poses an old soul storyteller sound and is a fiddle wielding machine! His unique style has been called, “a refreshing breath of western wagon dust and Appalachian lust.”

Don’t sleep on this show cuz this duo does not disappoint! And, nothing goes better with a stack of Flapjacks, then a fiddle and some folk music!






Blag Dahlia and Ralph Champagne Punk Rock Bowling 2021 Brunch Show

How about a little Ralph Champagne with your bottomless mimosas?! Join us for the brunch of motherf*ckin’ champions featuring the salty and sultry sounds of Blag Dahlia & Ralph Champagne, Sunday from 11AM – 2PM!

Blag Dahlia is a rock legend. Founder of the Dwarves and the Greedy Media empire, his uncompromising vision of rock & roll, dazzling production and filthy lyrics have created a unique legacy spanning over four decades. And now, like a glutton at the table of American entertainment, Blag needs new horizons to conquer: enter Ralph Champagne.

Champagne made his name as a rodeo clown and tobacco company executive before jumping headlong into the entertainment field as Reba McEntire’s hairdresser in 1995. After perfecting the country perm and making a fortune in wash and wear bandannas, he decided to break into show business as a performer on the USO circuit. Following the release of his 2014 record “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” he was tapped by Army Intelligence to convert lesbian soldiers. His duet with Larry The Cable Guy, “Get ‘er Done, America”, won him a knighthood from the Trump administration and inspired the Taliban to give up terrorism and pursue fly fishing instead.

During the plague year of 2020 songwriter Dahlia and vocalist Champagne joined forces to create the “Introducing Ralph Champagne” LP. A certified platinum hit in Moldavia and the Falklands, Dahlia and Champagne have spent 2021 on the road, hitting the charity circuit in support of Unwed Mothers. Their first single ‘Contraband: The Remix’ is already making waves for its futuristic vision of trucker country fused with club beats and ketamine.

Blag Dahlia and Ralph Champagne bring you the finest in Americana music and good old-fashioned entertainment. See them now from the cheap seats, before CMT declares them national treasures and the very best-looking duo in show business.