August 2019 Inductee – Ryan King

August 2019 Inductee – Ryan King

We chose Ryan King as our first ever member of the Punks for Humanity Club because of his commitment and dedication of countless time to people and animals in need of custom built prosthetics. Here is the submission letter we received from his wife, Bria ~

“I’ve always thought my husband had this Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing going; he played in punk and metal bands for decades and yet, he is a humble, soft spoken, and empathetic man.

In 2009, Ryan quit playing bass in the band “Hatchet” to go back to school to become a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (it’s a mouthful, huh). He helps amputees, children with genetic abnormalities, and others who need new legs or bracing to feel relatively normal again. Ryan designs and makes prosthetics for people who haven’t walked in a decade and for people who have all their limbs, but who may need additional support to function.

He doesn’t get paid for the extra time spent working with a patient. He doesn’t get paid for the (hours) of research he does at home when prepping for a complicated case. Ryan cares, and that is what makes him one of the best CPOs. Yes, I get that this is his job, but Ryan goes above and beyond every day.

Ryan was recently promoted (without a bump in pay) to manage one of the local offices. Ryan leaves home before six and stays until after seven to prepare for the next day. He works on weekends to set himself up for successful visits with each patient for the upcoming week. On top of all that, he volunteered in Ecuador to make free braces and prosthetics, he volunteers regularly locally, and he makes free puppy prosthetic wheels.

Work ethic and dedication to his patients has resulted in very positive outcomes for Ryan. His patient’s results far outweigh his ego, and he takes a setback to heart. Ryan will remake anything to make sure it is right for the patient. The positive outcomes make his day, and he loves to help people become mobile again.

Ryan still plays the bass regularly and his favorite thing on earth is to listen to music. The only poster in his lab at work is a framed Ramones poster. We’ve been to PRB and PRB club shows, and it’s something he looks forward to each year. I think he has “punk for humanity” written all over, and I seriously hope you consider him.”

Thank you!
Bria King
Ryan and the first KAFO brace he completed