Late Night Shows & After Parties 2020

What are these legendary “Late Night Shows & After Parties” I keep hearing about?

Ticket on sale February 22, 2020!
▪The Late Night Shows & After Parties feature utterly insane lineups, in the heart of Downtown Vegas over 5 nights!
▪Late night shows take place on Thursday and Friday Night and AFTER the festival is over from Sat. – Mon.
▪All venues are walking distance from the festival grounds so you won’t miss a thing!
▪There will be loads of bands playing that won’t be playing the festival!
Shows are 21+
* A Festival ticket DOES NOT grant you access to any of the after parties or late night shows. These shows are sold separately, February 22, 2020!

Important Info on 3 Day VIP & GA Festival Passes with Presale Access Codes:

All VIP tickets and specific 3 Day GA passes that state After Party Show Presale Access Code info at the bottom of the ticket are eligible for the Exclusive Presale on February 22, 2020. Your ticket will state whether you have the presale access.
▪Each Access Code will give you the opportunity to buy 3 show tickets. You may buy (up to) 2 tickets per a single show, or buy tickets to 3 different shows.
▪The Presale Access Code is the NUMBER UNDER THE BARCODE on your ticket.
▪Single Day Festival Tickets do not include Presale Access Code.
February 22, 2020

WE HIGHLY SUGGEST CREATING A SEE TICKETS ACCOUNT PRIOR TO THE PRESALE so that your information is already in the system.

Your unique Access Code to the presale is the series of numbers located under the barcode on your ticket. You will need the Access Code to enter the site when tickets go live at 10am.

Your Access Code is good for a ONE TIME USE ONLY to enter the presale.

To give you a better chance of catching the highly sought after shows with your mate, you will now be able to purchase (up to) TWO (2) tickets per a single show and one to an additional show, OR buy THREE (3) tickets to three individual shows. A maximum of 3 tickets total! You can also give your friends their own access code (each ticket has a unique code), in which they can buy their own tickets.

Public Sale Ticket Limits (subject to change) :

4 Tickets max for shows at DLVEC 3rd St. Stage, Bunkhouse Saloon, Fremont Country Club

2 Tickets max for shows at Backstage Bar & Billiards

10 transactions per credit card limit.

The SeeTickets app is also available!

When tickets go on sale, the page will automatically refresh. You will be assigned a spot in line to purchase tickets. We have set up a queue system to control the “line”.

Once you are on the After Parties page, you will need to enter your Access Code, then click view event.

You will select up to 3 tickets and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “add to cart.”

Click “CHECKOUT” and then you can either check out with your See Tickets account or you can check out as a guest, using your See Tickets account will speed your checkout time up rapidly.

These shows could potentially sell out during the presale. If you are on the checkout page and receive an error message stating an item was not able to add to cart, then it is probably sold out. You can go back and add another ticket without losing the others you already added to your cart.

You have 10 minutes to complete your purchase.

Click here if you need help in logging into your See Tickets Account :

If you have any other ticketing related questions or issues, please contact See Tickets:

Email: or call: 323-908-0607, 8am – 7pm PT, Mon – Sat 

AFTER PARTY LOCATIONS (More to be announced):

Backstage Bar & Billiards
601 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Bunkhouse Saloon
124 S 11th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Fremont Country Club
601 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Past PRB Show Gallery