Bunkhouse Saloon
Outside: Lagwagon 1:05am ♦ Dillinger Four 11:45pm ♦ Good Riddance 11:00pm
Inside: Western Addiction 12:35am ♦ The Bombpops 11:30pm ♦ The Last Gang 10:30pm
Fat Wreck Chords, one of the most influential and longest standing independent punk labels in the world, as well as longtime friends of ours, are partnering up with PRB to bring you a Fat Night Out featuring a small sampling of some of the great bands they have worked with over the past 27 years.
Let’s talk about Lagwagon! One of FAT’s earliest signings, Joey Cape and crew have been globally tearing it up since 1990 and are still going strong. Being one of the innovators of the “FAT” sound, Lagwagon’s catchy punk chorus’s will have you singing along all the way back to the casino!
We managed to convince the ever so elusive Dillinger Four to get on a plane to celebrate with us. After all, it’s not a punk rock festival 20th-anniversary party without the biting sarcasm and sardonic wit of Minnesota’s finest! A powerhouse of political rantings, poetically strewn together in a grind of guitars and fury!
Having cultivated their own sound from a diverse set of old-school influences, Good Riddance craft melodic, politically charged punk rock gems and hurl them at you in a frantic, chaotic flurry, always leaving you wanting more.
Western Addiction will be headlining the inside stage supporting their latest effort, Tremulous. Their live shows drift between melodic hardcore, punk attitude, all while weaving existential lyrics throughout bouts of fury. Come witness the mayhem as this will be one of their few performances outside of California.
The Bombpops! These young upstarts have been on an absolute tear since releasing their FAT debut, Fear of Missing Out, last year.  Trust us; you don’t want to miss these SoCal punkers who bring one of the most infectious live shows around.
The Last Gang was snatched up by Erin and joined Fat in October 2017, but has been making melodic mayhem in the punk circuit for ten years. Fronted by powerhouse Brenna Red, their ‘77 style punk rock makes them a force to be reckoned with!