Fishbone SOLD OUT Punk Rock Bowling Club Show
Place on 7th
Fishbone 11:50pm ♦ The Aggrolites 10:30pm ♦ The Steady 45s 9:30pm

Fishbone are making their epic return to PRB, but this time with the all original lineup! One of the forefathers of the 80’s LA ska explosion, these guys have never let up since. Their fast and furious mix of ska, punk, reggae, funk, rock, and soul, executed with maximum aggression and superhuman precision is infectious! (And, I’m no lyin’ass bitch!)

It’s gonna get dirty, down right nasty when those soulful ska, reggae heavy, Motown infused sounds of The Aggrolites blast through the speakers! Check your negativity at the door and come skank with us.

LA based, The Steady 45s are gonna get the party started off right. They’re a 7-piece, traditional 60’s Jamaican ska and rocksteady band of skilled musicians and equal parts hooligans!

About the Artist : Marco Almera

Marco Almera’s art career emerged from the Southern California surf, skate and rock‘n’roll subculture of the late 80’s. As his underground art style developed, it continued to reflect the dynamic world of surfing, skateboarding, rock music, pinup girls, hot rods, iconography and the timeless coastal lifestyle. Early on, the artist transitioned from primarily creating rock posters, album covers and custom graphics to creating fine art pieces, which he has shown in galleries throughout the world.