Laura Jane Grace Punk Rock Bowling
Beauty Bar
Laura Jane Grace 12:40AM ♦ LENNY LASHLEY 11:55PM ♦ DARIUS KOSKI 11:15PM ♦ DEVIN PERALTA 10:45PM

Laura Jane Grace is a major figure in today’s punk rock scene, and is the founder and lead singer of Against Me! Her solo career continues to detail her journey all while staying true to her earlier themes of outspoken political critique, environmentalism, personal and social liberation, with a base in Americana, country, folk-rock, and a penchant for noise and anarchy.

Lenny Lashley is a longtime fixture in the Boston punk scene and has toured with Street Dogs, Darkbuster and his own music for over two decades! So come sing-a-long with Lenny cause he’ll be singing all those gut wrenching love songs, Skinhead anthems and oi! classics we all love.

Darius Koski is more than a one note kind of guy, he has an eclectic style all his own that blurs the genre boundaries between roots, americana blues and moody melodic, and dark Tom Waits like tunes. For 30 years, Darius has been and remains one of the most humble and modest contributors to the punk DIY scene.

Reno’s recently reunited Cobra Skulls founder and frontman/bassist, Devin Peralta, brings his raw earnestness and guitar to the stage for a solo show under the stars.

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