John Doe, Blag Dahlia, Steve Soto, Yotam Ben Horin Punk Rock Bowling
Beauty Bar
John Doe 12:50am ♦ Blag Dahlia 12:00am ♦ Steve Soto 11:15pm ♦ Yotam Ben-Horin 10:45pm

PRB & Dr. Martens Acoustic Show Series #2:

John Doe is armed with a six string and a story to tell. His solo sound is a blend of blues, country, gritty rock’n’roll and loads of reverb that organically bonds together to create Doe’s unique style. The L.A. punk veteran, X co-founder, author, poet, and actor is one of the most influential people in the industry and we’re honored to have him!

Blag Dahlia, Dwarves’ front man, calls his solo show his ‘camp counselor guy routine’- Included are some stripped-down songs from the Dwarves, as well as original material utilizing his trademark unrepentant, politically incorrect lyrics.

Steve Soto is going to wear his heart on his sleeve and let you have a glimpse into his world with his heartfelt and sincere stories from a hardened punk rock legend!

Yotam Ben-Horin might be best known for being the lead singer and bassist of Israeli punk rock outfit Useless ID, but he is also gaining rapid notoriety at a solo artist. His music is about all that great personal shit we all have to deal with, but with a direct and pitiless passion.

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