Backstage Bar & Billiards
Dead Boys 1:15am ♦ The Schizophonics 12:15am ♦ Crazy and the Brains 11:35pm ♦ Hardship Anchors 10:50pm ♦

*Doors open at 10:30pm (your ticket may say 9)

For the first time ever, the Dead Boys are bringing their meat, sweat and music to the PRB Party! Blitz and Chrome may not be young anymore, but when they play together, they are just as loud and snotty as they were 40 years ago!

The Schizophonics are, in one word, EXPLOSIVE. Their frenzied live performances tap into the same unstoppable combination of rock ‘n’ roll energy and showmanship that fueled the MC5 in the heyday of the Grande Ballroom. When they hit the stage, they grab your attention and don’t let go.

Hardship Anchors are catchier than a STD in Tijuana and have more hooks than a tackle box. Straight outta LBC these guys sound like the Dickies and the Stitches had triplets that were raised on loud music, skateboarding, surfing, booze, and general mischief.

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